Sunday, Feb 28, 2016

I need a haircut. For the last 10 years I have worn my hair short. It’s not that I have anything against long hair, I don’t. In fact both my sons have long hair and it looks great on them.

The difference is, although I still have hair on my head, it is thinning and receding. In my book that combination is not a good set up for long hair. I could be totally vain about all of this too….in fact, I’ll just own it. I am vain about my hair. I don’t like it looking bad.

When I first arrived here I thought, living along the ocean in Ecuador, I could pull off the long-haired, beach comer, South American look. I can’t. It is driving me insane! So just go get a haircut right? No, not right.

I am having a mental block about deciding where to go, as well as communicating to the barber how I want my hair cut. It’s stupid I know. I could ask someone who speaks Spanish to come with me and help me out, but at 53 years old I think getting a haircut on my own is something I want to be able to do.

So is my haircut issue a first world problem or a third world problem? I can’t decide. Worrying about a good haircut seems like a first world issue, but finding a good barber with the right facilities here seems like a third world problem.

Why have a I spent so much time talking about my haircut? It’s to bring an awareness about the reality of living in a place with limited facilities/resources, a language barrier, and the ongoing need…no…it’s really a want…for personal grooming.

I’m grateful and blessed that today this is my biggest problem.

We are all healthy and have enjoyed a relaxing Sunday. Heidi spent time earlier today taking a long walk on the beach with one of her new friends. Easton and I had fun at the farmers market trying to use our Spanish, and trying to understand the locals’ Spanish.

We are adapting well to our new life in South America.