Friday, Mar 16, 2018

Just Another Week

Another week in paradise. What can I say? The sun has been shining; the temperatures have been hot in the day, with cooler temperatures in the evenings. I am in my element on the sandy shores of the beach. Ahhhh, paradise.

Speaking of the beach, on one of my walks this week it looked like an invasion of the tiny blue Jellies as the tide was going out. Watch out!

Gotta love what the ocean brings in and out around here.


Visit With Friends

Our friends from Bahia, Don and Donna, came for a visit this week. They brought their dog Monte and we got to see our four legged friend again. For those new to my blog, we watched Monte for them for a few months when we lived in Cuenca, so we became quite attached to this little guy…and of course we like Don and Donna too. ;-p It was a couple of fun filled days with our first friends made in Bahia de Caraquez.

living in paradise

Friends…furry and otherwise


Don and Donna have a truck they drove from Bahia to our house. While they were here I drove their truck…on the roads of Ecuador…with the buses…and the dogs…with the taxis…and the mules…with the motorcycles. Well, you get the idea. It was the first time I drove since the earthquake (their truck that time too), almost 2 years ago. I have to admit it felt weird to be driving.

For those of you who know me and how I drove in the states, you are probably thinking I would fit in just fine here. Truth is I probably could easily drive like any Ecuadorian here, but why? The “good” hospital is three hours away and that’s one ride I don’t want to make.

I actually don’t mind not driving anymore. The buses and taxis seem to work fine for me most of the time. It isn’t as convenient as having my own car for sure, but I also don’t have to deal with a myriad of other hassles…registration, tickets, transito police bribes, and the list goes on. Personally, I like the challenge of jumping into the doorway of a bus that doesn’t quite stop to pick you up. Makes me feel young! Another benefit of living here. 😉

Update on Heidi

Heidi started her med for the prolactinoma this week. It is going quite well considering how awful the side effects could be. The first dose and the first 24 hours were rough for her. It seems though she has done much better with the second dose (twice weekly dosing). I’m hopeful this particular issue will be resolved taking the medicine, and over the next several months she will experience a huge improvement in how she generally feels. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Interesting Pics

This moth was in the bush by my front gate as I waited for the bus. I can’t believe how much it looks like a dead leaf. Problem was it was hanging out in a very green bush. How smart are the birds here….hmmm?

paradise foilage


Then there are the geckos. The ones that aren’t already in the house are looking for a way to get in. When I went to the kitchen sink at night, these two fellows were looking for the “door”.  I appreciate their persistence.



Have a great weekend everyone!