Sunday, Jul 24, 2016

Heidi and I went over to our friend Pam’s place. Her and Eddy just moved into a new building. Eddy is in Florida right now so we helped Pam set up her computer and break down some boxes. They just moved into a very nice place with a lot of natural light coming into the apartment. The windows all have views of the river or mountains.

When I looked out her kitchen window I could see the street we had lived on directly across the river from Pam’s new place. I also could see the place they held Zumba in the park every morning . I asked Pam if she could hear it and she said she hasn’t heard a thing. She also moved in on Friday afternoon…just as we had done at our old place. It wasn’t until 6:30 am Monday morning we “discovered” Zumba. Pam’s place looks like she has better windows so hopefully she won’t be awakened every morning like we were.

When we were finished helping Pam, all three of us went walking looking for a place to grab some lunch. As we meandered through the neighborhoods, we came across a restaurant called La Lasagne. Obviously serving Italian food, it sounded good. Heidi and I choose the meat lasagna. The flavor was a bit bland, portion size was good, and it came with a fresh salad, but really nothing about it would make me go back a second time. Still, I was glad to get some food in me.

The rest of the day has been quiet. I called a friend I worked with at the hospital. It is always nice getting caught up with the world I walked away from. I spent almost 20 years working with him, and others there, and it’s hard for me to just severe ties. After talking to him, I spent part of my afternoon working on launching my life coaching business. I’ve been putting this off for too long now. It’s time to get back to work.

Living in Ecuador, I’ve lulled myself into thinking I’m retired. Even though I left my primary career in pharmacy, it was always my plan to continue to practice as a life coach while living here in Ecuador. It is something I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction doing, and it probably helps me as much as my clients to live an intentional life.

To the co-creation of the life you want to be living!20160605_181239 (1)