Friday, Jan 4, 2019

New Year Arrival

Happy New Year everyone. Ready for 2019? Here we go! 

My New Years Eve was spent with friends at dinner, then fireworks on the beach. It was interesting to me how this NYE didn’t seem to have nearly the numbers of people I remember on the beach from last year. It was just enough activity for me though, because the truth is, I can barely stay awake until midnight. Geesh. 

Dreams for 2019

What are your dreams? What is that thing you have been putting off? How will you ever get it if you never start the journey? What is the next smallest step you can take?

For those of you who dream of living in Ecuador, what are the steps you need to begin to get here? What action can you commit to today that will move you further along in this process? What do you gain if you wait until tomorrow? What would it feel like if you made some concrete steps now in the direction of your dreams? What is that worth to you? 

Color Abounds

The day lit skies and the evening sunsets have been beautiful here all week. The blue sky reflects its deep hues off the water’s surface creating a rich azul attraction above and below. In the evening there are just enough clouds for rays of light to bounce and absorb creating an unbelievable spectrum of color. After almost 6 months of no blue sky, sun, or sunsets, I am so ready for this.

Here are some for you to enjoy while you are dreaming of your 2019, whatever those dreams may be.