Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016

I went back to boot camp this morning. First time back since I was sick. I’m happy to report it had not become an easier workout while I was away. It was as awful as it has always been!

Henry wasn’t there leading it today, so I thought we were going to get off easy. But because of how hot and humid it was, I almost passed out just the same. It’s comforting to know that in life there are things that can always be counted on. 😉

I guess there is a water shortage currently going on in Bahia de Caraquez. 20160309_135846 This may get interesting. The report I received is that the main line that moves water into town, beginning miles away from us in another town, has been damaged, or has a break of some sort. So the city has not been getting water.

This type of thing isn’t immediately noticeable because every house and building has a water tank on it that is kept full from city water. A float device regulates the water level in the tank.

One of the buildings by us, which has many more full time residents than ours, went “dry” earlier today. People turned on their faucets and nothing came out. This also means when a toilet is flushed no water fills the tank up. No water in the shower, the washing machine…well you get the idea.

The city water situation is compounded by the availability of drinking water that is purchased in blue 5 gallon containers. It seems these containers of potable water are becoming unavailable. Because of the heavy rains inland, the water filtration plants that fill these containers with good water have been overwhelmed with water from the run off. Basically, the water department can’t clean the water fast enough that’s going through the plant, and the water is getting contaminated.

Currently in our building we still have water coming from the taps. We also have a week’s supply of drinking water in our unit, so we are in good shape. No one can say how long this problem will last.

There is a work around though for the water coming from the taps. We have large water trucks in town that can fill a water tank on a building, so at least after getting a truck delivery, there is water to flush the toilets. I don’t know what the cost of a truck full of water is, although I have been told it is expensive.

Hopefully this problem here in Bahia de Caraquez will be short-lived. If it persists I think it will be a great time for us to rent a car and go to Cuenca for that visit we have been planning.

I remember in St George when our water would be off for a few hours due to a broken water line. It was inconvenient for sure, but there was always an expectation that interruption in water delivery would be short-lived. And it always was short-lived.

I take so many things in this world for granite because of my experiences and surroundings growing up and living in the United States. These experience of good and dependable basic services, abundance, and almost limitless variety and availability of goods and services is not the experience that so many people in this world get to have, or will ever have in their lifetime on this planet.

I am grateful for my points of references. I am grateful that I can move myself and my family easily from one place to another to get out of any difficult or unpleasant situations. When I think of life in these terms, what do I legitimately ever have to complain about?

My life is blessed. Have you considered the blessings in your life today?