Sunday, May 1, 2016

It’s still not setting in for me that I now live in Cuenca. Well, I guess that I am in Cuenca looking for a place to live. It is like night and day from living on the coast. I prefer my little town of Bahia, but Cuenca offers about anything you would want or need.

We are headed over to look at the house we saw last night. We need to see it, and the surrounding neighborhood, in the daylight. I think this may work for us. I also am having some sort of “renter’s remorse” before we have even decided to take it.

Last night I was excited and upbeat about finding this place. Today my mind is filled with all the reasons this may not be the place for us. The biggest problem for me is that we have only been in Cuenca for a few days and have no idea what is really here, what would truly be best for us, and where we will fully enjoy living. There just hasn’t been the time or scope for us to figure it out yet.

The reality is that the place we are living in right now isn’t great. Not terrible, but we have suitcases strewn everywhere and to look at it, reminds us all of the chaos and disorder we continue to function in.  I find it interesting how, my wife for example, is more sensitive to the disorder than I am. Still, it will be nice to settle into a place and make it “ours”.

If I dig deeper in my psyche, I think actually signing a lease on a place here in Cuenca marks the reality that my life as created in Bahia is officially over. I feel deep sadness about that. The great thing about being a living human is that I can honor my sadness and choose to be open to all the possibilities that are before me here in Cuenca. It isn’t an either/or. I can choose a both/and. It helps me heal and stay in a healthy space.

Looking at the house again I can’t see any major obstacles to renting it. The layout is near perfect for our family. The terrace is large and has a great view of the park and Yanuncay river. This space could be made into a very cool area energetically for all of us to enjoy our days while in Cuenca. After checking in with Heidi and Easton and no one seeing any major obstacle, I decide to commit to renting it.

Our biggest concern was how far this place is from El Centro. According to Google maps it is a 30 minute walk. We decided to walk to El Centro from our new house and see what it looks like. It took us 25 minutes and we were taking our time. The sidewalk all along the way was wide and the homes and buildings we pass are interesting. This will not be a bad walk for us. When we don’t want to walk into El Centro, the bus is available every 10 min for 0.25 cents.

The day is beautiful and sunny. In full sun it is hot, but not overly so. We went on a search for coffee and a sandwich and found a great restaurant called Muccha. We sat there for a long time and just relaxed. We talked about the house and I think Heidi was feeling a bit of the “second guess yourself” on the house too. When we looked at it as having made a decision, then doing what we need to for that decision to work out for us, it seemed to take the energy out of “second guess” stress.

There is going to be a lot to see and get to know in Cuenca. IMG-20160501-WA0013What I do know already is that there are some visually stunning IMG-20160501-WA0010and picturesque images we have already been able to enjoy.IMG-20160501-WA0012