Monday, May 3, 2016

The three of us took a long walk along the Rio Tomebamba. It is a very scenic route and we continue to explore our surroundings. 20160502_125540On the side of the river next to El Centro there are some really cool buildings that look onto the river. 20160501_140309They are a mix of homes, businesses, restaurants, and bars all nestled in together. It has a very cosmopolitan feel in an Old European way.20160502_124425

We met our realtor to sign the lease on the house we rented. Before we did though we got a call from another realtor we had contacted over the weekend. She insisted she had the perfect place for us and we needed to see it. I told her we were signing a contract on the place we found in a few hours, but I would look at it.

This place also was across from the Yanuncay river but towards the end opposite from the place we found. It had tons of character, was older, but well maintained. The layout wasn’t as great for Easton and Chase living with us, and it was farther from El Centro…I don’t think it was practical to be able to walk there. The building was basically a three floor home and family members lived on the first two floors.

The owners of the place came up to meet us. They were very nice.  It is interesting how rental property is shown in Ecuador. There are no lock-boxes for realtors to just come and go to show the properties. The owners are always called and they show up with the key to let you in. Then they follow you around the house. Honestly, it’s a bit awkward.

We looked at one more property after that. It was a remodeled 4 bedroom two blocks from the house we are signing the contract on. It didn’t have a terrace or a view, but it had a side yard. It was ok, but I think the place we found is the best. I feel much better about our decision after looking at these last two houses.

We met our realtor, Daniel, and he took us where we needed to go to sign the contract. It was a store that the owner’s wife owned. She was very sweet but also very business like as well. I think we passed her smell test.

In the final negotiations of the “furnished” house, we agreed to get our own bedding. The owners wife told us a store we could find these things at great prices. Daniel said he would drive us there. I told him thank you, and he said, “Of course, it’s my job”. I don’t know many realtors that would take their clients shopping for bedding.

We got some of what we needed but will need to look elsewhere for all of it. Daniel said he would meet us at 9:30 am tomorrow and take us wherever we need to get what we want. He also is going to take us to the internet provider to help us get that service going.

It appears all is going well and we should be able to move in Wednesday!IMG-20160502-WA0036IMG-20160502-WA0041