Friday, Mar 30, 2018

Crunch Goes the Crown

Oh boy. I was enjoying my tender lomo fino and cheddar sandwich when all of a sudden I hear CRUNCH in my mouth. I slowly tried to find what made the sound because nothing I put in the sandwich was crunchy. I felt it. It had to be a piece of tooth.

Now I was nervous I would suddenly going have a wave of pain roll into my jaw, but I didn’t. I got the piece of tooth out of my mouth and went to the mirror to inspect the damage. My very first crown, probably 15 years old now, had sheered off. Uuugh.

Well This Is Scary To Look At!

I called Dr Yuri in Oloncito (neighborhood south of Olon) and he told me to come in. It was almost 8 pm. Did l tell you the power went out shortly after my tooth broke? Anyway, after fumbling for headlamps I was able to inspect my tooth, call Dr Yuri, call a taxi to come pick me up, and take me to his office. Oddly the tooth never hurt, so maybe I had a root canal 15 years ago. It was too long ago for me to remember.

Dr Yuri said he could take care of me tomorrow, which is today, and get me a temporary crown while my permanent, computer generated, laser cut crown would be ready in two weeks. It is costing me $480 for this. Not thrilled about it obviously, but cheaper than paying for a crown in the states I guess. I’ll let you know how satisfied I am with the procedure next week.

Montanita Hang Overs

I was in Montanita this week enjoying the activities and the sights when I saw this man on the beach. I believe he was hung over (it was still morning). No one seemed to care much as I watched people walk by and around him. Even the little girl didn’t miss a skip as she came in from the water. Fortunately for this hombre, the tide was going out and not coming in!

Borracho En La Playa

Just Another Morning in Montanita

Almuerzo Time

I tried a new place for an almuerzo this week. I have friends who have eaten here and they gave it two thumb up. It has been open for a few months now but I never found an opportunity to eat there.

It’s called Comida Tipicas de Nuestra Gente…Typical Food of Our People. Kind of a long name for a restaurant, but descriptive all the same. 😉 It is across the street from the red tienda in Olon along the Ruta.

I ordered the queso soup and battered shrimp with rice and salad. It was all excellent. It also came with a glass of fresh maracuya (passion fruit) juice. Total bill…$3.00. Reminds me of my almuerzo days in Cuenca. 🙂

Sopa de Queso

Mystery Gringo

While I was waiting for the bus to go back to my house in San Jose, I saw this gringo friend of mine checking out a new beach umbrella from a vendor walking by selling them. This is one grande beach umbrella. Anyone recognize the gringo underneath it?

Mystery Gringo

More Sunsets

The week has been pretty tranquilo except for my tooth issue. We have had amazing sunsets almost every evening. Here are some of my favorite ones.

I never get tired of looking at the masterpieces in the sky.