Monday, Mar 14, 2016

Oh boy, one of my favorite tee shirts has flown off my balcony and disappeared. After working out this morning I hung it on the balcony railing to dry. I left it out there too long because when the wind picked up later in the day, I guess it took my shirt with it.

There is probably a good chance it landed on one of the balconies below me. The problem is that most of the units don’t have anyone living in them. They only get used occasionally by their owners. It could have landed on the street too and maybe someone picked it up. Who knows for sure. I liked that shirt!

Before I moved here I wouldn’t have cared about a tee-shirt, even if it was one of my favorites. Why you ask? Because in the Land of Plenty I could find a new one in any color, fabric, or style I wanted, and probably on sale at a great price as well.

My options here to replace that shirt consist of the Tia, a grocery store, that has one isle of various clothing items in it. I’m sure a cheaply made, thin fabric tee-shirt will be about $20 or $30 bucks. No kidding.

My wife is becoming quite the baker. And what she is making tastes really good! Recently she made a strawberry cake for Donna’s birthday using banana and coconut flour. 20160311_205925 Mixed up some kind of yummy frosting to top it off and voila…I think it may have been her first homemade cake.

Next it was banana bread. I’m not sure what all the ingredients were but I honestly think it was some of the best banana bread I have ever had. 20160313_142016 Who would have thought my wife has a pastry chef hidden inside her? You just never know what you might find in Ecuador. 🙂