Friday, Feb 26, 2016

TGIF! …Lol, I guess all my days are Friday anymore.

After my usual “I might die” workout this morning, the rest of the day was pretty non-eventful. We all have Spanish class today so we spent most of the morning doing our homework and getting ready for class.

We went to the H Bar after Spanish and had iced coffee, pretzel bites, and a quesadilla while we chatted with Henry, Victoria, and Dave. Little by little we are getting to know more about our friends who are living here.

The question of “what made you pick Ecuador” always comes up at some point. There are a variety of answers but they so often contain the words “simpler life”.

I think living in the United States takes a lot of energy. It isn’t good or bad, but it is a different rhythm and pace than what I am experiencing here in Ecuador. In the US there is such a bombardment of the senses…with technology, marketing, choices, and information. It’s unrelenting.

And none of those things are bad in and of themselves; it’s more that they create a constant distraction…from ourselves and those around us. I find it’s harder to stay grounded, and easier to lose connection and sight of what is important inside that “noise”.

It’s not like what I am saying is new to anyone, but what is it that even when you and I know about the “noise”, it is so hard to find the time and opportunity to sit in quiet, to sit in stillness, to connect with ourselves and with others in a meaningful way?

Those moments of connection are so cool! They ground us and make us feel good about ourselves and each other. They give us hope that our life can be lived with meaning and purpose. They help us feel connected to something outside of our own self interests, to something bigger than ourselves.

Sunset Tune In

Are you willing to stop the noise long enough to hear what is true for you? I think “hearing” that answer can be scary; it certainly was for me. I also believe that answer, when acted upon, leads to our greatest happiness.


Tune into a sunset tonight.