I’m sitting here on the balcony of my condo in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador looking out at this little town with its haphazardly built buildings sprawling up the lush, green tree filled hills. On my left is the wide, brown, Chone river emptying its inland energy into the Pacific, and on my right is the vast Pacific Ocean where sunsets become a daily spiritual experience for me. I can’t believe I am here.

In the beginning I could not have identified this as my dream; but over time, getting to know what the important parts of myself are, what lifestyle desires truly matter to me, what obstacles and fears I have to address, and then setting intention to move toward living as my best self, I am living my dream.

What is your dream? How are you moving toward it? How are you living it?

This is the crazy things about dreams…they become reality with intention and action. They move from the ethereal dream space in the head and become a palpable heartbeat through physical movements of the hands, the feet, and the mouth.

That heartbeat grows stronger. It gets louder as the actions of the body bring more nutrients to feed it. After a while it isn’t only a heartbeat, but form takes shape. For me that form looked like me operating in a specific place, doing a specific thing.

“Operating in a specific place doing a specific thing” is a small sentence. The bigger implication of course is how to change the place I am in now and how to change what I am doing now.

I think before the “how” question gets answered, the “what” questions need to be asked. What am I feeling that is prompting my dream? What makes this feeling better or worse in my life? What does it mean for me, and those I love, if I don’t do anything different…what does it mean if I do? What things do I need to let go of to make my dream happen…what things do I need to hold onto?

The “what” questions helped me figure myself out. This is important because no matter what you or I do and where you or I do it, you and I will always be there… carrying the answers to all the “whats” with us. It’s important to have clarity around those answers.

Clarity creates an inner energy to take on the next three questions:

  1. Where do I need to be spending my time?
  2. What new actions do I need to be doing for that heartbeat to begin to take form?
  3. Who do I need to be talking too to help make my dream a reality?

You are a brilliant being who has every right to live in your fullness. What is your dream? I dare you to give it a heartbeat!