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Day 83 Ecuador- Puerto Cayo

Sunday, Apr 3, 2016 We are helping our friends John and Darlene move a few things from Bahia to their new home in Puerto Cayo. It is a two hour drive to get there so we all get to see some of the interesting countryside along...

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Day 79 Ecuador- Ocean time

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2016 I have had a good day today. I woke up and read for a bit before heading to work-out. It was sooooo humid and hot but eventually it was over. I survived, and it felt good putting forth the effort to do...

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Day 70 Ecuador- Another cook

Monday, Mar 21, 2016 I feel like I’ve been beat up today. It was really hot outside during our work-out this morning. We were on the beach which was nice, but at one point I was on my knees crawling in the sand. We were...

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