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Day 77 Ecuador- A-ok

Monday, Mar 28, 2016 We got Keeper’s biopsy results back and it was a benign adenoma on her leg. That was great news! She still has a growing black spot on her neck. It is right in the fold of her neck so we will keep...

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Day 58- Water shortage

Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016 I went back to boot camp this morning. First time back since I was sick. I’m happy to report it had not become an easier workout while I was away. It was as awful as it has always been! Henry...

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Day 56- Manta and the Vet

Monday, Mar 7, 2016 Wow, what a day! We took Keeper to Manta today to have the growth on her leg removed. She is doing great, and we are exhausted! First, a big shout out to Don and Donna for volunteering to drive us to Manta...

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Day 55- Canoa

Sunday, Mar 6, 2016 I’m feeling more like myself today, and that is a great feeling! We went to Canoa for a little outing to see if Easton could find a surf board. We looked around in some of the surf shops for a used...

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Day 48- Haircut

Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 I need a haircut. For the last 10 years I have worn my hair short. It’s not that I have anything against long hair, I don’t. In fact both my sons have long hair and it looks great on them. The...

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