Sunday, Mar 6, 2016

I’m feeling more like myself today, and that is a great feeling!

We went to Canoa for a little outing to see if Easton could find a surf board. We looked around in some of the surf shops for a used board and they all seemed to be wanting $500, which is no where close to a good deal for the board he is looking for.

Canoa is a tourist town, which means purchasing anything there risks having a tourist premium added to it. It’s also a surf town though, so we thought with the number of boards floating around the place, there may be a good deal somewhere. Today, none was to be had.

We had a great lunch at the Surf Shak…pizza, wings, and beer.  You just can’t ever go wrong with that combo! While we were there, this very nice dog came up to our table and just sat there looking at us. It didn’t beg or get in our face, just sat there and looked at us eat.

Of course we fed it! At least a little bit at the end. It is so sad to see so many dogs here that are just on their own for survival.

When we left the restaurant we headed to the beach and  our new friend came with us for our entire walk along the beach. He was very fond of Easton!


The waves at the beach were fun to watch. We didn’t bring 20160306_161939-1towels so no one went in. But we definitely need to come back and spend the better part of our day enjoying the surf!  Maybe we will meet our friend again.