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Living in Ecuador- High Season

Friday, Feb 9, 2018 High Season Things are really picking up around the area lately. From May through December last year we saw the same few faces everywhere we went. Now, new faces outnumber recognized ones 5-1. You can tell it...

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Living in Ecuador- Samai Lodge

Friday, Jun 23, 2017 Relaxing Week Hey everyone. Hope things are well in your world. I’ve had another interesting and relaxing week experiencing all things Ecuador! There is a lodge at the top of the mountainside near our...

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Day 93 Ecuador- We got mail

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 The sun was out this morning in all its brilliant glory. I love how bright it shines and how blue the sky looks when I head out of the house in the morning. I didn’t think the heat was so great...

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Day 46- Stopping the noise

Friday, Feb 26, 2016 TGIF! …Lol, I guess all my days are Friday anymore. After my usual “I might die” workout this morning, the rest of the day was pretty non-eventful. We all have Spanish class today so we...

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Day 43- We are official

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 Today we are picking up our visas and getting our cedulas! This process started at the beginning of September when I began getting all the required documents together. I had to get things like a copy of my...

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