Friday, Nov 30, 2018

The Countdown Begins

Well it looks like November is toast. The year is almost up. What do you want to have happen before 2018 is no more? Where will your focus be as 2019 rolls in? Have you made any progress on getting yourself to Ecuador yet? Hey, no pressure.  😉

It is hard to feel pressure living on the beach in Ecuador. From the easy-breezy blowing palms, to the melodic roll of peaceful waters onto a low-tide, sandy shore, it is just hard to get too anxious about much. I admit I am living in a bubble.

For the most part it moves slowly here, and tranquilo is a mantra. I am beginning to appreciate this pace more and more. I see why the locals find it so appealing. Still, I am not retired yet so I do have to figure out how to feed myself. I am enjoying this challenge from the coast of Ecuador! What a blessing for me.

Stars Abound

I came across more starfish on the beach. Not as many as before, but these three stars reminded me of Orion’s Belt. 


Feathered Friends

I’m not sure what these birds are called but I love walking by them. They stand straight and point out to sea as long as they can, but it is just too much for them when I approach. As I walk by they have to fly away. About 90% of the time they fly in the direction I am walking, land in my path, and within minutes need to do it all over again.

Family Time

I passed what I assume is a family (extended) who decided to throw out the fishing net into the surf. They all work together to catch their dinner. It is cool seeing the whole family doing this. When the toddler started screaming the boy and girl on the right ran over to see what was the problem. All was well.


I’m trying to stop and notice more what is around me. I loved watching the sun try to burn through the clouds the other day. It didn’t make it, but it sure tried.

Do You Smell That?

What would a walk on the beach be without something washing up. It appears this is a sea lion. I think it may have gotten tangled in fishing line or a net. I could still see some green line wrapped around it. I couldn’t believe the difference standing up wind and downwind of this sad animal.

Wow. The air was thick and it wasn’t pleasant. 

Of course, the vultures were thrilled…

“My” Iguana

Speaking of things that have died. Remember my iguana that lived on my roof. It died! I don’t know how it happened, and it makes me sad. I got used to hearing his claws clamor across my rooftop.

Life has been good this week. I’m thankful. Have a great weekend everyone!