Friday, May 26, 2017

Bachelor Life No More

This was my last week bach’n it on the beach. Heidi will be back Monday. It has been interesting for me being alone in Ecuador for three weeks. I wasn’t sure of what to expect. Would I go crazy from boredom? Would I be sad and depressed? Would I party like an animal?…well I knew the answer to that one. Those days ended when I left college. :-p

Overall it has been a good experience. Plenty of time for me to work on my projects and just hang out with my thoughts. After about 10 days it did become necessary for me to take very long walks on the beach, connect to the world around me. Usually I would end up in Olon, meeting up with friends, or just having lunch on the beach watching the people go by. I am pretty social, so I can only take so much of “my thoughts”. And honestly, some days that place is pretty bizarre. 😉

Best Beach Weather

The weather has been near perfect…whether sunny skies, or rain and cloud cover, windy or calm, but no matter what, never cold. I love living here!


Ecuadorian Boy On The Beach

Beach Wildlife

Some more beach life washed ashore. Another turtle (6 in two weeks), and a pelican. I saw this pelican on one of my walks walking on the beach with a broken wing. It was sad to see because I knew what the end game would be for him. The following day he was food for the vultures. Again, nothing is wasted here.


Beach Wildlife Fatalities

Beach Bounty

Since Heidi has been away I was in charge of making sure things got watered. Her lime tree that Chase and Easton gave her for her birthday last August in Cuenca is flourishing on the coast! It is producing some good size limes. I’m glad I could keep this plant alive, some of the others…not so sure about.


No Haircut Hassel

I got another haircut.  This time I was able to find the barber in Olon. I knew there must be one here, so I finally asked a local and got directions. Of course Olon is so small, the directions were easy… this street, up 2 blocks, on the left. Sure enough there it was. So in Montanita I paid 6 bucks for the left-sided shelf look on my head, and here it was only 3 bucks and I walked out balanced…well my hair was any way. 😉

Barber Shop in Olon

All Is Good

Everyone is doing well. Chase finished his orientation and training in Seoul Korea today. He begins teaching Monday. Easton has finished mending the net and other prep work, now he waits for fish and game to give the go ahead and then out to sea in Alaska he and the others head. Of course Heidi begins her way back to Ecuador Sunday night, arriving Monday afternoon. It will be nice to have her home.