Friday, Jan 20, 2017

I was reminded of the difference in internet service between here and the States this week. Last Saturday ours went down and wasn’t working again until Sunday afternoon. No explanations, no one to answer our calls. I was very grateful I did not have any coaching calls scheduled, and if I would have, it would have been an opportunity for me to let go of expectations of myself and others. It really is the attitude needed to thrive here.

Not being able to be on the web did allow me an opportunity to get back to reading…a book, with pages I can touch. I like doing that.

On Monday I ran with Chase and Easton for the first time since the holidays. All was going well I thought when I rolled my right ankle on the path. Omg, for a brief instant as my foot was contorted underneath my weight I imagined my ankle bones cracking, but it didn’t happen.

I couldn’t run, in fact I could barely walk, but I only stretched the muscles and tendons. I’m so thankful because I don’t want my first experience with medical care here to be under an emergency or urgent situation. By Thursday I was able to walk without limping or wincing. I believe staying active helped me not break anything and also helped me recover quickly. It is risky business getting old!

Bloom where ever you find yourself

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the weather. Most of the week it was crap. Lots of rain every afternoon. However, by midweek the sun was out in full force. Cuenca is absolutely beautiful under a blue sky, intermittent white billowy clouds, and a full hot yellow sun. If only there were more days like these.

The nice weather did give me opportunity for some great walks along the Yanuncay. Because of all the rain, the river was running in its bed and rushing along its banks with the vigor of  16 year old adolescence. I love watching the water glisten in the sun, listening to its tympanic cadence, and being close to nature’s energy and power. It gives me the same feeling when I’m at the ocean.

Heidi had her massage appointment on Wednesday and was prepared to make the taxi ride there by herself. A couple of weeks ago a taxi driver picked us up who has picked us up before. He speaks English so I asked if I could have his phone number and call him when we need a lift. He said certainly, and I took his info.

This same driver took Heidi and I to her massage appointment last week so he even knew where Heidi needed to go. I Whatsapp’d him in the morning and asked if he could pick Heidi up at 1:15pm for her appointment. He responded back and said sure, and asked if I would text him 10 minutes ahead of time. No problem, I said.

At 1:00pm I Whatsapp’d our driver and waited for a response. At 1:05 pm with no response, I called him. He answered by saying, “Hello Todd” (because he has my number in his phone), and I asked if he could be here at 1:15 pm so Heidi would be on time for her 1:30 pm appointment. He said, “I will be there”.

At 1:15 pm Heidi and I are waiting on the street in front of the house. I was making sure she got in the cab ok, and then I was heading for my Zen walk along the river. At 1:20 pm he wasn’t here, so I called him again. This time he did not answer. This is common behavior here in Ecuador. People will say what you want to hear and have no intention, or at least no capability, of doing it. By 1:25 pm I used my taxi app to get another taxi for us. None were available.

As Heidi and I stood on the side of the road trying to flag down passing taxis with no luck, a man in a white van drove by and yelled through his open passenger window, “Taxi?”. I said yes. He pulled to the curb, and I said “There you go hon, here is a ride to your appointment”.

Noooo, I didn’t say that.

I walked over to where he pulled to the curb and asked how much it would be to where we wanted to go. It was the normal $2 buck fare, so I waived Heidi to come over. She still hadn’t moved, and looked like she had no intention of getting into someone’s random vehicle, now being used as a taxi.

I told her I would go with her, so then she conceded. The man was very nice and he got us to Heidi’s appointment, even almost on time. I paid him and he drove away. People do this here. It is another way the locals make ends meet. When they see an opportunity to make a couple of dollars they try. I have to admire this man, unlike our taxi driver who left us hanging…I removed his contact info from my phone.

While Heidi was at her appointment I was able to spend some time walking along the Yanuncay. I decided to make a short video for my Empowered Men Coaching YouTube channel. I just started the channel and my intention is to post helpful coaching tips for living the life you truly want to be living. Here is the first video I posted.

The new park next to us is finished and being used by the community, although it isn’t officially open. Chase and Easton have started doing workouts there on the equipment. Pull up bars, bars for incline push-ups, and the standard leg, arm, and abdominal workout equipment is in place. I need to get myself over there and start doing something too!

One of my best friends, Rick, has come to visit me. I met him in Quito Thursday night at the airport. I flew from Cuenca to Quito for $50 bucks plus tax on Latam airlines. First time for me on Latam and I like them! Seats are wider, plenty of overhead storage, and more room above your head while in your seat too.

Rick’s only here for 6 days, so right now we are planning a couple days each in Quito, Banos, and Quenca. We are staying at my friend’s, Aaron, hostel near historical downtown Quito. It is called Husai Lodge- Bed and Breakfast. It’s a great place, and easy walking distance to things we want to see in the historical district.

I just looked at the weather forecast for Banos and it says snow. How is that even possible? Well, I guess Rick will think Cuenca is balmy after being in Banos for two days, if the forecast is correct.

Have a great weekend and enjoyable week!