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Day 46- Stopping the noise

Friday, Feb 26, 2016 TGIF! …Lol, I guess all my days are Friday anymore. After my usual “I might die” workout this morning, the rest of the day was pretty non-eventful. We all have Spanish class today so we...

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What is your dream?

I’m sitting here on the balcony of my condo in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador looking out at this little town with its haphazardly built buildings sprawling up the lush, green tree filled hills. On my left is the wide, brown,...

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Day 45- Surfing and Pizza

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016 Easton was able to find a surf board to rent, and this morning he was out in the ocean with the other surfers.  It’s been six years since he lived in Hawaii and surfed regularly. To me it looks like...

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Day 32- Recap

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016 I can’t believe we are now into our second month in Ecuador. The time has gone fast! I think a recap is in order. Since arriving we have learned how to buy things at the farmers market, the tienda,...

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Living in Ecuador

I have taken a leap southward…believing it is a leap forward… and am now living in Ecuador. Moving here is a journey traveled in so much more than actual miles. It is a journey that’s traveled through thousands...

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