Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016

I’m experiencing a Cuenca day. Cloudy, rainy, cloudy, rainy. Where is summer? I want the sun! Sigh. My immune system needs a boost. Usually sun fixes me right up, but maybe I need some Kombucha tea.

I was going to go the Feria Libre today, but when the weather is like this, I have no desire to go outside. Heidi and I did take a cab ride this afternoon for her to get a Scoby, the bacteria and yeast disc shaped pod needed to make Kombucha tea.

Heidi had several of these she had made and used for the tea when we were in Bahia, but they didn’t make it with us to Cuenca. Someone on Gringopost was selling a Scoby for $10 bucks. It is only half the size that Heidi usually made in her tea jars. Hopefully it will work and Heidi can get her Kombucha tea making going again.

Scoby stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. The idea is that all the good bacteria and yeast grow to create this “pod” that seals off the Kombucha tea from bad bacteria while it ferments. Kombucha tea is used for beneficial immune effects and gut health. Although if you google Kombucha, it also says it can kill you. Something about liver and kidney toxicities. This blog details some of the specifics and health benefits.

Kombucha tea with Scoby

Kombucha tea with Scoby

In the beginning Easton and I questioned if Heidi was trying to get rid of us by giving us our daily small juice glass of Kombucha. I drank it for the four months while we were in Bahia and never got sick…or died…so I guess it’s alright. Did it make me healthier? I can’t say.

Since I am being sun-starved here lately, I do know I need an immune boost. Guess it’s going to be Kombucha.