Monday, Oct 3, 2016

It looks like I have 100 days left of posting in my blog. The original agreement to myself was to post every day of my first year in Ecuador, after that, I’ll see where I’m at with it.

Chase needed to go to the dermatologist today. So while we were waiting for the doctor to get back from lunch, we had a coffee at Melatte’s on 12 de Abril y Augustin Cueva. Our friends had told us about some great bread they bought in this plaza a few days ago. As we looked around we saw the bread stand just past Melatte’s in the same courtyard.

This is a husband and wife operation. He told me his name, but after asking him twice to repeat it and me still not hearing it well, I just shook his hand and said “Mucho gusto”. They moved here from Venezuela not too long ago. The wife bakes the bread and the husband brings it into town and sells it here next to Melatte’s. He also speaks English which made it easier for us.

Today he was selling a wheat bread filled with sesame and chia seeds, a rasin bread, a long white “french loaf” as well as carrot cake and brownies. All these items are baked fresh each day and brought here to be sold, Monday -Friday, 2 pm-7 pm. The wheat and pumkin loaf are $4.00 each, and the french loaf is $2.50.

Great fresh breads

Great fresh breads

Easton and I headed back home while Chase went to his appointment, and Heidi waited for Chase. We were almost at our door when Easton realized he had left his backpack with his waterproof jacket inside it at the place we had lunch in El Centro.

Losing things in Ecuador is not fun. Easton’s jacket cannot be replaced easily here. Even the drawstring backpack is not readily available here. I called Heidi and she and Chase went to the restaurant to see if it was still there. To my surprise it was! The waiter saw them walk in and immediately went and got the backpack…jacket still in it. We were lucky today, and I’m very thankful to our waiter keeping it safe for us.

Looking forward to dipping that french loaf in oil and balsamic vinegar at dinner tonight.