Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016

My day was pretty much spent in front of my computer. I felt I was productive writing an article for my coaching site, trading some stocks, and reading some marketing info on building a Life Coaching practice. The weather was in typical Cuenca fashion today. Clear skies, cloudy, then torrents of rain, then sunny. It is fun to watch…when you are staying dry inside. 🙂

I did get out for a walk with the family later in the afternoon. We went to the nursery, and Chase and Easton bought Heidi her lime tree as her birthday present. There were a few to choose from and Heidi picked the tree with the most blossoms, but no mature limes. So we all carried something home…a tree, a pot, a bag of dirt, and when we got back to our place, Heidi potted her tree.

Lil' Limon

Lil’ Limon