Monday, Sep 5, 2016

It is raining in Cuenca today. I don’t even mind because August had such nice weather. See, I’m not so difficult to please. 😉

The big activities today was one trip to Supermaxi and another trip to the pharmacy. It was nice to get some walking in as part of our day. We even were able to time our walk between rain storms. Score!

On the way to Supermaxi we found a place with a full size roasted pig calling us to come in and try lunch. It wasn’t bad. Lunch was roasted pork, mote (huge corn kernels), potatoes, and a little salad garnish. $5 bucks and with more meat than I could finish. Downside was that the meat was on the dry side.  I don’t think I will be going back, but I’m glad I tried it. I like to eat where the locals hang out.

For all my US friends, I hope you enjoyed the holiday today, and to everyone, have a great week!