Saturday, Dec 31, 2016

What a year this has been! It is hard for me to take it all in really. So many changes, different experiences, and new people in my life. I will need some time to reflect and process all of it. What I do know is that I am a very blessed man with wonderful people in my life, who I love and appreciate, as I walk my journey on this planet.

Headed into Bahia for NYE!

We all went into Bahia de Caraquez for New Year’s Eve. By the time we got on the bus and made it into Bahia it was almost after 3 pm. When we arrived in town we stopped at the grocery store, Mi Comisariato, to get some snacks and drinks to share for our get together at Do Hemisferios.

The grocery store was packed! I haven’t shopped here since we left Bahia, and the usually orderly taxi zone in front of the mall was non-existent. Many people were waiting out front for a taxi, and when one would pull up, people who just arrived would try and take it.

I’ve lived here long enough to know how this has to be done. After losing out on two taxis by people who came after me, I went into aggressive mode. I walked further down the parking lot and when a taxi arrived, I walked alongside it until it stopped and let the arriving passengers out.

There was a woman who still was going to try and take this taxi as she reached for the door handle. I looked at her and moved my index finger in a metronomic motion…no, no, no…to be clear this will not be her ride.

Pina Colada time!

When we arrived at Dos Hemisferios our friends were already gathered by the pool. Donna was at the blender making Pina Coladas, which was a welcome treat after the mall experience. It felt very familiar just hanging out at the pool with our friends and watching the sunset.

Hangin’ at Dos

NYE 2016 Bahia de Caraquez

Sunset NYE 2016

NYE 2016 Dinner

When it was time for dinner we walked through Bahia to the river side of town, and I had a great swordfish steak that literally melted in my mouth.

We are at El Muelle’s, one of the best restaurants in Bahia, and one that survived the earthquake. It sits right on the river next to the pier-like dock.

Fireworks at the river

Later we walked over to H Bar and ran into our friends, Maik and Kathy. Maik said they were there to watch the fireworks over the river that were soon to start.

We decided to watch them too.

Henry has done a great job with the ambiance of H Bar since the earthquake, when the back wall basically fell off its foundation . It has a great tropical beach vibe about it now.

NYE 2016 Bahia de Caraquez

Crowd celebrating NYE 2016 Bahia de Caraquez

We ended the night at the penthouse at Dos Hemisferios overlooking the crowd dancing below us, and we watched people burn their effigies…and thus their problems of 2016…away.

We burned our problems away too!

NYE 2016 Bahia de Caraquez

Burning of Monigote de Año Viejo

NYE 2016 Bahia de Caraquez

Fireworks view from the penthouse at Dos

At the stroke of midnight the New Year was ushered in with another round of fireworks.

From our vantage point at Dos Hemisferios, we definitely had VIP seating for the show!

Happy 2017 everyone!