Saturday, Sep 3, 2016

It’s been a pretty quiet day. I’ve spent most of my day getting social media linked to my life coaching website. Honestly, I’m not a social media kind of guy. I didn’t even have a facebook account until two years ago, and then only solely because of my business.

We were laughing with some friends about the whole phenomenon of social media and how it is impossible to do anything without it notifying someone else what you are doing. The interlinking stealthily shares things with someone you wouldn’t have even thought of sharing with. A perfect example is when I will “like” something on facebook. At various times my wife will ask, “Who is so-and-so”? I’m confused and say back, “Who? Why are you asking me? Heidi will say, “Well on my facebook feed it said you liked so-and-so’s this or that post”. Honestly, I personally think the whole thing is ridiculous.

And ridiculous or not, it is the way business and marketing is happening today. So I am working on making it work for me…I’ll blog a post that I can share, tweet, pin, link, snap, or chat to let the world know what I am doing. Hopefully I attract my intended target audience, so I can offer some value to them. For the rest of you, I appreciate your patience. I will extend the courtesy back. If you get tagged in a pic from high school, by someone you don’t even remember, and maybe you…look different now, I promise not to bring it up when we meet for dinner.

It is nice living in Ecuador because when I choose to look out my window, instead of looking into my phone, I can focus on things that have nothing to do with a share or a tweet. Today it is just a hard working old woman cutting tall grass for her only cow that lives in her yard.