Monday, May 16, 2016

We began our day packing for our trip to the coast. We are staying in La Libertad which is right next to Salinas on the coast. Our place is a half block to the beach, called Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo. I’m excited to get Keeper to sea level and see if this helps her.

On our drive here, we needed to leave Cuenca (85oo feet) and go up to 14,000 feet before we could make the decent down to the coast.20160516_094123 Keeper had been breathing better, still labored, over the last 24 hours in Cuenca. As we began to climb she started getting very uncomfortable and her breathing become more of the gasps we have been seeing since being in Cuenca. Fortunately, it only lasted about 15 min, then as were on are way down her breathing settled.

We are staying at Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo in Libertad. It is a great place! Heidi and I have our own casita and Easton has his. There is an open air kitchen 20160517_140426fully stocked with everything one needs to prepare meals and keep food. Across from the kitchen is a large 10 person table to eat meals. Underneath the second floor of the main house that the owners, Randy and Dodie, live in is a great gathering area 20160517_140826with couches, chairs, a bar, refrigerator, large TV, and hammocks20160517_140251-1 suspended around the periphery. All of this in the shade, and open to the breeze that blows through. Incredibly tranquilo.

Across from this gathering area is  a swimming pool, fountain, lounge chairs, and a large BBQ area with seating.20160517_140358 Everywhere on the property are large plants, fruit trees, and green vegetation that gives it a relaxing tropical feel. 20160517_140338The owners, Randy and Dodie, are super warm and friendly. So far the experience is very much like hanging out with extended family. We chose the right place for us to come and figure out what we can do for Keeper.

We walked to the beach around sunset, and although it was clouded over, it was great to hear, see, and smell the ocean. In Salinas/Libertad there are a lot of ships, freighter types, that anchor off shore. It is a different view of the ocean than what we have seen before.

We brought our “adopted” dog Monte with us. He loved being back on the beach. He ran and ran and ran! He ran in the sand, circled the three of us, and ran away, then ran back. He ran to the surf, jumped in, and ran into the warm sand on the shore. He was a nut, and we were happy he could let loose.

When we came back to Casa Blanca, they had a shower by the pool where we cleaned and dried Monte off, then we cleaned up ourselves and got ready to go out for dinner. Dodie recommended an Ecuadorian restaurant in downtown Libertad for us to try. It is called D’Dario.20160516_202638 They serve chicken, beef, and pork all fire grilled fresh. Each order comes with a large plate of beans and rice. The rice is flavored with menestra, a type of lentil. All of it was extremely good and it costs $5 a plate. I highly recommend this authentic and delicious Ecuadorian restaurant.

Keeper seems to be doing better. She is definitely breathing better, but still looks like it is labored. Hopefully she well rest well and be more like her old self in the morning.