Monday, Oct 31, 2016

I woke up a bit stressed about my non-working phone. Since it won’t charge I can’t even use it as a camera, never mind using the phone and all my applications on it. Oh well.

Remember the days before cell phones? Remember when we could be gone all day long without anyone being able to reach us, AND the world did not end? Unconnected. Actually maybe my phone on the blitz is a good thing for me.

I’m unconnected but not disconnected. In today’s world that is hard to do. Think about what “unconnected but not disconnected” would look like in your own life. How would you feel? What would you have to do differently for that to happen? Would you be willing to try it? Are you sweating right now thinking about it?

I had a nice visit in Bahia and it was good seeing friends. This town is not the same since the earthquake, but I still feel fondly towards it and the people who live here. We said goodbye to Alfredo at Saiananda and hopped in a taxi to go to Manta. It’s an hour and 15 minute drive, and then from there we are catching a bus to take us to Libertad.

Manta bus terminal

Manta Bus Terminal…unconnected from high tech

Our taxi driver’s name is Giovanni. We know this guy. Not too long after moving to Bahia he had driven us to Canoa. Today, it’s a nice drive to Manta and I get to practice my Spanish with Giovanni. If I had a Spanish-speaking friend like him I would be learning it much faster. Being in a conversation forces me to remember all the Spanish I have learned and then try to use it. Making conversation in Spanish made the time go fast for me and before I knew it we arrived in Manta.

It is a grey day along the coast and it’s also pretty chilly. The bus we are riding on to Libertad has been an interesting experience. After Puerto Lopez it stopped quite a lot for people standing along the road looking for a ride to the next town.

This is how people get around; they wait on the side of the road for a passing bus and flag it down. So although our destination is Libertad, people get on and off this bus like one would a city bus. Compared to driving a private vehicle from Manta to Libertad, this added a couple of hours onto our overall travel time.

When we arrived at Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo we were met by with big smiles from Randy and Dodi. We were staying here when we had to say our good byes to our dog Keeper. These are the people who were with us when she died. Stuff like that sticks with you, and so do the people who are around you when it happens.

My last meal today was breakfast at Saiananda and I am starving. After catching up with Dodi and Randy for a bit we decided to all go out for dinner. Dodi had recommended Monkey’s which is a burger and rib joint. When we arrived there though, they were closed. Looks like we will have to try these guys tomorrow night for dinner.

Not ever at a loss for a good recommendation for anything in Libertad, Dodie suggested we eat at Saavedra’s. I had a delicious dinner of pollo and lomo fino covered in a mushroom and cheese sauce. It was different and delicious.

On our way out of the restaurant we passed Saavedra’s dessert counter. It was filled with all kinds of pastries, cakes, and chocolate things. I love sweets. Some days I actually think I won’t eat real food for dinner, but maybe just have…like a whole pie. I never do of course but it is fun to fantasize about.

Tonight I just kept walking by that dessert case, even though my mind was screaming for me to bring home some chocolate cake. Sigh.