Sunday, Aug 28, 2016

Not much happening today. We walked to Super Tienda to buy some groceries and on the way stopped at a little hole in the wall…well it’s actually nicer than that, and had lunch. I don’t understand how these places make any money at $3 a plate. Chicken, rice, and beans…very flavorful and filling.

20160820_110134The weather continues to be on the nicer side and that always makes me happy. I’ve decided that my new favorite jugo (fruit juice) when it’s warm outside is a mix of fresh strawberry and coconut. These can be purchased at the mercados for just a buck. The only thing you have to be careful of is how much sugar they use. I ask for no sugar added.

I’ve been working on my life coaching site, . It’s getting better. I’m excited to get some clients to start working with. Even now I know I made the right decision leaving my career as a pharmacist. Life coaching engages in the conversations and embodies the energy I want to be part of at this time in my life.