Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016

It is a mostly sunny day today in Cuenca. My apartment doesn’t even feel cold inside. I’m thinking that this year’s weather pattern here may be a bit off. We were told that July and August are the cold months, with August being the coldest. What I have experienced is a very cold June and July, and so far August has been warmer. I’m holding good thoughts for the rest of the month!

Heidi and I went for a long walk today. I left my house with a windbreaker, sweat shirt, and tee shirt on. It “looked” cold outside, but within minutes the clouds parted, the sun came out and I was sweating. I un-layered down to my tee shirt, and it felt like a hot spring day, not winter. We stopped by and visited Pam and Eddy on our route.

Heidi’s been looking everywhere for a salad spinner and unable to find one. Right now she lets the lettuce leaves dry on the dish rack after washing them. Pam actually had a salad spinner she brought with her to Ecuador and never used, so she offered it to Heidi. Personally I think this is great because those damn lettuce leaves seemed to always be in my way when I would wash a dish and want to put it on the rack to dry. It’s the small victories here folks.

I have my Men’s Life Coaching website about 80% “perfect”. Have you ever been told about the 80% rule in business? Basically, get it 80% there and launch it. Finish tweaking the other 20% as you go. One of the biggest obstacles to would-be entrepreneurs is never getting started because they are waiting for 100%. Usually 100% “perfect” never arrives.

Now obviously 80% is not acceptable if you are launching a rocket into space, launching a newly compounded drug for consumer use, or launching into brain surgery. For launching a website, however, I think I can live with 80% perfect.

This brings up an interesting awareness around 100% perfect, or perfectionism. What haven’t you done, or even attempted, because you aren’t, or think you can’t be, 100% perfect at it? Because of that, what dreams, joys, and cool experiences you have missed out on? I would encourage you, unless you are in the operating room, don’t let being “100% perfect” get in the way of doing what may make you happy.

I’m certainly not 100% perfect in many of the things I am doing and attempting to do, but guess what? I am happy and having a blast! Here is a pic of the sunset and clouds we saw from our balcony. I think I caught it at 80% perfect, but spectacular all the same.20160810_181855