Friday, Apr 28, 2016

Finding Balance

Life for me this week has been pretty chill. I have tried to get on the beach more. Working at my computer during the day, I find I can spend too much time there, and before I know it I’ve missed an opportunity to enjoy the remarkable place where I live. I coach other’s about balance and perspective in their lives, so it’s important for me to “walk the talk”.

Good Routine

I am finding my routine here. I’m up by 6:10 am and asleep by 10:00 pm. In between those hours I have a nice routine that includes studying a new language, exercising an old body, creating an ebook, managing my investments, coaching interesting clients, walking and reflecting on the beach, and connecting with others whenever I have the opportunity. I still need to tweak how much or how little I am doing in each area, but that is pretty much the layout of things.

I think there is something comforting about a routine. It can provide stability, efficiency, and aid in achieving goals. At the same time it is something to be mindful of.


Becoming too attached to a routine can invite suffering when it gets interrupted or changed. Flexibility, spontaneity, and surprise are things that keep a life interesting, unrecognized possibilities available, and a routine appreciated.

Like most things in life, it requires balance. I’m still finding that balance in my own life in Ecuador…any tips are appreciated.

I am in the Andes of Peru right now, and will begin a hike to Machu Picchu at 5 am tomorrow morning. So, I’m posting this blog early, and I’m excited to share my trip with you when I get back.

Pics of the Week

In the mean time here are some pics from this week.

A Girl and Her Big Boat

A New Friend Stopped By

Vulture Flys By Me On Beach

Another Gorgeous Ecuadorian Pacific Sunset