Friday, Jan 6, 2017

It’s been an inside day for me. I have had some coaching calls today so I couldn’t wander off anyway. Staying home has allowed time for Heidi to roast up some good seasoned vegetables, and they have showed up in the meals she has made today. It’s nice to have time to cook…er, I guess it’s nice for Heidi to have time to cook. 😉

Well, we are at the end of the first week of the New Year. What is going to be different for you? What did you say last year that you would start this year? Have you started yet?

Change happens one small step at a time. Often times people will make a goals list but then not break those goals down into steps, small enough steps, that they are achievable through a consistent effort.

Exercise is a great example. On the goal list it is written “5 times per week one hour a day”. Awesome! Except that after the 3rd day people feel sore, tired, and unable to keep it up. Then discouragement and self-condemnation rolls in, and then the goal is shelved for weeks, months, or forgotten all together.

With exercise it really depends on your physical state how aggressively you make your “small steps”. Maybe it needs to be 10 minutes three times a week, maybe more or maybe less. The point is the step has to be achievable through consistent effort.

A big goal of “Exercise 5 days per week 1 hour per day” may need to have an “achievable by” date of 3 months out. Then work backwards and set smaller goals for each month, then backwards some more for smaller goals each week, day, etc. The small daily wins create a positive feedback loop in the brain that instill confidence and a desire to keep moving forward.

Before I moved to Ecuador I was big into writing my goals down, having daily lists to operate from, and “tracking” what I was doing and the progress I was making. It is in fact a large part of what got me here. I had a written, visual reference of where I was going, and over time it all came together.

When I arrived in Ecuador, the only goal I made was to write my blog each day for my first year here. I envisioned my life more about being in the moment, experiencing what was in front of me, and not seeking movement in any particular direction. It’s been a great experience, and now I feel I need more.

More direction, more focus, more intentionality, and I guess…more goals. So it doesn’t matter that the year is already one week gone. Who cares really? Goals and direction and intention can be set anytime. More importantly, they can be adjusted, tweaked, and re-set all throughout the year.

One small step at a time…

I have realized over this past year that having written goals does something different intrinsically in my being. I know this because I have not had them (except for the blog) and it has felt different. I have felt different.

Living your goals is a dynamic process that creates and brings things that were not, into being. For me, that is an awesome feeling!

So I am back on the goals band wagon. How about you?