Friday, Jan 29, 2016

We took keeper to a vet today.  She had some small black wart-like things on her back, about 8 or 10. I’m not sure if she had them before we arrived, but we have learned ticks are a big problem here. The Vet said the black bumps were caused from the ticks. He said she didn’t have ticks right now, but the bumps are caused by the fungus they leave behind.

Keeper was treated for ticks before we left (about 4 weeks ago) so it would make sense she had no live ones left on her. I’m not convinced however she really had ticks. It seemed like she had some bumps on her before we left, but I now I’m not sure of the timing. It wasn’t even until we were told ticks were prevalent here, that we got concerned about the bumps. The vet charged $10 for the exam (consultation as its described on the sign on the wall), and $5 for a tube of bacitracin and clotrimazole ointment to put on her for the “fungus”. I guess we will see if the black bumps go away.

Keeper's black bumps

Keeper’s black bumps

Had Spanish today, I really am going to have to up my game. I need to be studying more. Lots of rules to be learned, words to be memorized, phrases to be used. It’s starting to snowball a bit.
Heidi has never had Spanish classes in her past. It’s hardest on her most. Everything is new…the verb variations, the gender of words, speaking new words with new sounds…but she has a great attitude and I know she will get it under her belt!
I’ve been working on my blog a long time today. So much to learn and it all goes so slowly. I changed out my theme; hopefully it looks better than the old one.