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Day 55- Canoa

Sunday, Mar 6, 2016 I’m feeling more like myself today, and that is a great feeling! We went to Canoa for a little outing to see if Easton could find a surf board. We looked around in some of the surf shops for a used...

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Day 52- House cleaning

Thursday, Mar 3, 2016 I still feel like crap today, but definitely not as bad as yesterday. Thankfully Heidi and Easton do not seem to be getting whatever I have. Maybe I have Zika. Guess I will never know. Easton went surfing...

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Day 45- Surfing and Pizza

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016 Easton was able to find a surf board to rent, and this morning he was out in the ocean with the other surfers.  It’s been six years since he lived in Hawaii and surfed regularly. To me it looks like...

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