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Day 29- Rainy Monday

Monday, Feb 8, 2016 It is a great morning…misty rain in a fog-like cloud hangs over us. It’s still warm but the breeze feels cool on the skin. I love it like this. Easton and I had boot camp this morning and we were...

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Day 28- Game Day!

Sunday, Feb 7, 2016 It’s Superbowl Sunday! Since kick off isn’t until 6:30pm my time, I get to look forward to watching the game for the better part of the day . Easton and I plan on going to the H Bar and watch the game on the...

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Day 27- Our search begins

  Saturday, Feb 6, 2016 We met up with our friend Miriam this morning who is helping us find a long-term rental. Heidi, Easton, and I looked at some rentals along the ocean and, after seeing what is available, it is going...

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Day 26- Splish splash and no bath

Friday, Feb 5th, 2016 Easton and I had a very interesting workout this morning. Henry led us all down to the beach. The tide was out and there was a wide, flat, hard sand area between the seawall and the ocean for us to work out...

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Day 25- Mellow day

Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 Hola mi familia and mis amigos! Today’s happenings: Easton went and meditated on the beach for a bit today and Heidi went to jewelry class. I’ve spent almost the entire day learning things for...

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