Living in Ecuador Day 361- Black Sand Beach

Saturday, Jan 7, 2016

Football playoff games are today and tomorrow, so not planning on doing much but watching the games. The Broncos didn’t make the playoffs so I’m going to have to find a surrogate team to root for. It’s been a long time since the Broncos didn’t make it so this feels new.

Black Sand beach

Black Sand beach…goers

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach

I heard from Chase and Easton in Mompiche. They went to Black Sand beach today. The water looks amazing and so few people in this area. A few days ago they needed an ATM and the closest one was in Atacames, a two hour bus ride one way. I don’t think that is where I will be moving to on the coast.


Michelle, Kelly, Chase, and Easton

Black Sand Beach, Mompiche, Ecuador

Black Sand Beach, Mompiche, Ecuador

While our sons continue to enjoy the warm coast and ocean of Ecuador, Heidi and I enjoyed a walk along the Yanuncay river in Ecuador. This path is usually filled with people, especially in the mornings. It’s around noon and we haven’t passed one person on it. Really weird. Although the sky is completely overcast, the temperature is warm and I’m liking this. Still though, I think Black Sand Beach looks like a better deal. 😉

Have a great weekend!





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