Living in Ecuador Day 268- Cuenca sidewalks

Thursday, Oct 6, 2016

I’ve taken some pics of the Cuenca sidewalks the last few times I have been out walking. Personally I think the sidewalks are pretty good in Cuenca. The conditions of the sidewalks in Bahia de Caraquez were much worse. In fact most of the coastal towns I have been in have pretty beat up sidewalks. Walkers beware.

The biggest problem isn’t necessarily the holes, but all the pieces of metal sticking up. It looks like they may have been a sign at one time. When the sign comes down, it gets cut “pretty close” to the concrete, then the rest is left for the pedestrian to navigate.

Cuenca sidewalks

Cuenca sidewalks

Of course, the holes and gaps doesn’t make for easy walking either. I pity the poor guy who has one too many on his walk home.

Cuenca sidewalk gaps

Cuenca sidewalk gaps

These are the things we have to watch out for as we walk the sidewalks of Cuenca. I’ve torn my running shoes on the metal bits, Heidi has tumbled a time or two, we have friends who have seriously injured themselves falling after tripping from the dips, holes, and gaps.

It’s not all pineapples and sunsets in Ecuador amigos. 😉

It’s been raining off and on today. Heidi and I managed to walk to Supermaxi and get some things we needed before it down poured on us. Chase, Easton, and their friend Christian, are enjoying Quito. Either today or tomorrow they are planning on a tour to the top of one of the volcanoes and then bike down it. Oh yeah, the volcano has been rumbling…sounds like a “blast” to me. 🙂




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